Righty Ho! Off we go!

Last week I had two meetings with two very useful people
in my faculty. They have both served on Fellowship funding committees,
and were both very positive.

Positive about not just the idea of me doing a fellowship, but also
about me in general (nice ego boost) and positive about my proposed
area of study (more about that later).

Apparently, I am a confident speaker, I present my data well and can
think on my feet – which is all very useful for the fellowship
interview panel. My past science and publication record is ok (couple
of big hits in Nature and Mol Cell) – but I need to get the papers I
currently have as “in preparation” accepted or published before they
give me the go ahead to apply for a fellowship (in Manchester, a
prospective fellow needs the blessing of the faculty research team in
order to make an application).

Other good news is that FLS (Faculty of Life Science) is not
recruiting faculty members per se at the moment – rather they are
looking for fellows that they can promote to faculty after their
fellowship. For my long term job prospects – this is a very good

All I have to do now is fine tune my ideas and develop a workable but
interesting, realistic but adventurous, research plan for my

Which means… READING. Lots and lots of READING.

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