Articles about the Homeopathy Evidence Check #evcheck #ten23

A link to the .pdf of the report.

Parliament Website

MPs urge Government to withdraw NHS funding of homeopathy

Le Canard Noir (Quackometer)

The Bleakest Day for Homeopathy

MPs call for the closure of NHS homeopathic hospitals.

Gimpy’s Blog

The Evidence Check on Homeopathy – a merciless punch to its vitalist organs (despite attempts to water down report)

DC’s Improbable science

MPs urge government to stop NHS funding, and MHRA licensing, of homeopath

Podblack Cat

Recommendation – Homeopathy Gone From The NHS!

Press Statement from Society of Homeopaths

The Society’s response to the report of the House of Commons Science & Technology Committee Evidence Check: Homeopathy


NHS money ‘wasted’ on homeopathy

Black Triangle

Homeopathy and Pharmacy

Guardian Science

Stop homeopathy funding, says Commons committee

Manufacturers should not be able to make medical claims for homeopathic products, say MPs

Austrailian Skeptics

UK Government commmittee recommends public funds pulled from homeopathy

Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain

Society reacts to house of common science and technology committee report into homoepathic products  [PDF]

New Humanist Magazine

The end for state-funded homeopathy?

Bad Science

Parliamentary Sci Tech Committee on Homeopathy

Channel 4 News

Ban homeopathy on NHS, say MPs

SKY News

Call To End ‘Placebo’ Homeopathy On NHS

^^^ Cheezus, look at the size of that URL! ^^^


MPs call for end to NHS funding of homeopathy


British homeopathy funding is “bad medicine”: panel

Chemist and Druggist

NHS should not pay for homeopathy, MPs say,%20MPs%20say

Reality is my Religion

Huge win against homeopathy in the UK!

British Homeopathic Association press release.

Homeopathy works and is an important part of the NHS

Foundation for Integrated Health press release

Homeopathy: where is the patient in scientists’ calculations?

Science-based Pharmacy blog

British MPs Tell Gov’t: Stop Funding Homeopathy


Evidence: Government Policy and Homeopathy

Martin Robbins in Guardian Science Blogs

MPs deliver their damning verdict: Homeopathy is useless and unethical

Edzard Ernst in Guardian CiF

No to homeopathy placebo

Nature Science Blogs

UK ‘must stop funding homeopathy’, say politicians

Thinking Is Dangerous – Dr* T

“Come in homeopaths, your time is up” – MPs urge Government to quit funding homeopathy

3 Responses to Articles about the Homeopathy Evidence Check #evcheck #ten23

  1. […] but oh no. Not the homeopaths. Despite the 1023 campaign drawing attention to homeopathy, and STFC report into homeopathy concluding that homeopathy is not deserving of NHS funding, the homeopaths continue to draw […]

  2. […] Early Day Motion 908 which expressed concern with the scientifically robust conclusions of the Science and Technology select committee evidence check into homeopathy – EDM 908 was deliciously relabelled by Prof David Colquhoun as “A handy list of […]

  3. […] many are unhappy with the NHS’ spending on homeopathy and other complementary medicines (see many great posts on the EvCheck, listed by […]

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