Homeopathic Suicide is Painless…

Ten23 day!

Today, as this blog is posted, I will be taking a massive overdose of homeopathic ‘medicine’.

Unless the laws of chemistry, biology and physics momentarily lose their grip on our reality, the only thing that will happen is that the sugar in pills will enter my blood stream, via my digestive tract, and give me a mild sugar rush.

The fact that these sugar-pills-dressed-up-as-medicine continue to be offered by persons acting on behalf of the (cash strapped and under funded) National Health Service, and are available from supposedly reputable high street pharmacies like Boots the Chemist is an affront to reason.

The ten23 overdose is not (and was never) designed to be a scientific proof of the lack of efficacy of homeopathy – we rely on tried and tested methods like meta analyses to do that for us – rather ten23 is a public awareness exercise.

Please be aware. “There is nothing in it”

If you feel moved to do so, follow @xtaldave for updates through out the day.


2 Responses to Homeopathic Suicide is Painless…

  1. theocarranza says:

    Curious: How did that go?

    • xtaldave says:

      Well, I’m not dead yet. 🙂

      I (and as far as I know, the 300+ people ODing alongside me) suffered no symptoms (aside from a sugar rush – but that might have been down to the coffee I was drinking).

      It was almost as if water doesn’t have a memory and I was just eating some sugar pills, not a highly potentised, nano-pharmacological energy medicine

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