7 Responses to On not getting the joke…

  1. Enzyme says:

    I’m aware of one monumentally dull-witted response: http://blogs.plos.org/blog/2013/01/11/overly-honest-methods-or-phd-madness/
    That it’s by a sociologist surprises me not at all; that it’s from the kind of academic who feels the need to put “PhD” after his name surprises me almost as little…

  2. Alex Brown says:

    “Generally speaking, experiments are repeated at least 9 times (3x technical replicates, 3x experimental replicats)” – how general is that? Isn’t that field-dependent?

    • xtaldave says:

      Yep – very much so. You wouldn’t solve a crystal structure 9 times, and you wouldn’t generate 9 different lines of transgenic animals with the same genotype. But for most run-of-the-mill biochemical assays, you’d do n=3×3, wherever possible/feasible.

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