The Brian Cox Drinking Game – Stargazing live edition

January 8, 2013

This is an updated of the original, “popular-yet-disasterous” Wonders of the Universe drinking game

Take 1 finger of drink when Prof Cox says:

Brian Cox and the Lovell Telescope look wistfully at something

  • “Millions*”
  • Stelliferous
  • Any reference to British weather being crap for Astronomy.
  • Chandrasekhar limit
  • When ever Brian shouts at us from a moving vehicle. (Double for a flying vehicle – h/t @Markgfh)
  • Whenever you see time lapse footage of the sky or clouds (like this) – h/t @MrMMarsh
  • Brian Cox points meaningfully at anything
  • SETI
  • “Kepler”
  • “Curiosity”
  • “Exoplanet”
  • Any failure to operate overly complicated set (massive touch screens, etc)

Take 2 fingers of drink for:

  • “Billions*”
  • Any mention of the Large Hadron Collider.
  • Any use of props (like salt and pepper shakers) or drawing in the sand with a stick (ht Rob and @carolwhead)
  • Any snark levelled at homeopaths, astrologers, moon-landing deniers, etc
  • “Black Hole”
  • Heat Death

Take 3 fingers of drink for:

Finish your drink whenever you see Brian in silhouette up a mountain somewhere.

* The more conservative ethanol-enthusiasts out there may like to take advantage of a modification suggested in the comments by @Nullifidian whereby each mention of million/billion/trillion in a row be counted as a single occurrence – eg “one billion billion billion billionth” would count as 2 fingers of drink, not 8.

Tip o’the hat to @fibularis , @imascientist & @KashFarooq for other (original) ideas.

Add more below and I’ll add them to the list…