Anomalous Distraction is one of the web-homes of @xtaldave, a  Structural biologist working at a charitable research institute in the UK.

My scientific work concerns the 3D structure of proteins  in the extracellular matrix (stuff that lives outside of cells) that helps cells move, communicate and orient themselves. These molecules are involved in all sorts of important physiological roles, like tissue formation, arthritis, ovulation, cancer, muscular dystrophy and all kinds of crap like that. When I write a paper it’ll read better than that, I promise.

This blog will be concerned with science, academia (from my lowly position) and stuff that I think I can shoehorn in

This blog used to delve into pseudoscience and quackery, but frankly, I’m over that now. Mostly. I’ll leave those posts up because they might be interesting/useful to people.

If you feel moved to comment, please follow a few basic rules:

1) Identify yourself – anonymous comments maybe ignored or destroyed

2) No ad homs or profanity (unless absolutely necessary)

3) Try and keep on topic please

Disclaimer: As blog owner I reserve the right to ignore rules 2 & 3.

It goes without saying that the views expressed are my own and not my employers, or my funding sources, past, present or future – obviously.

3 Responses to About…

  1. Ros Craig-Jones says:

    I’m sick to death of people like you. Whatever sliver of hope there is on the horizon for cancer patients, people like you grind into the ground, leaving us with a feeling of total hopelessness.
    Quackwatch is the same – the guy gets up in the morning wondering how many sick people he can make feel sicker every day.
    Don’t you get it – main stream oncology do not have handle on cancer – so we’re forced to look elsewhere.

    • xtaldave says:

      Hi Ros.

      I am sorry if I have offended you somewhere, but do not for a minute think I am unsympathetic to the plight of cancer sufferers. I spent 3 years working as a postdoc for cancer research UK I am familiar with the feild.

      What I am very much against is quacks who exploit a cancer sufferers sense of hopelessness for their own financial gain. Modern medical science can do many wonderful things, but a cancer cure-all is fantasy. We cannot cure every cancer, because there are too many different causes at a molecular level.

      This is the sad truth. Anyone who tells you otherwise is giving you false hope. Would you rather be lied to or face an inconvenient truth head on?

      Best wishes,


  2. frank eren says:

    Dear Dave,

    Thanks for putting all that effort in the rebuttel of pseudoscience. We need it to fight off the Malik’s in this world.

    Best wishes,

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