Copyright notice

Unless otherwise stated, the contents of this blog (text and images) are licensed under the Creative Commons Licence.

Basically, what this means is that you are free to reproduce or use anything you find on this blog, as long as you link back to the page it came from, and give me any credit that is due.

Equally, if you find that something I have used isn’t attributed, give me a nod (comment on the page in question) and I will happily make appropriate edits.

(I didn’t really expect that I would ever have to do something like this, however, I discovered a spam pingback in my inbox which linked to a page that had one of my posts on it, claiming to be from someone else, but with a link back to this blog. Which I dislike.)

4 Responses to Copyright notice

  1. noodlemaz says:

    Just to let you know, I’ve basically copied this for my own site after people alerted me to someone copy+pasting a whole entry from my blog on their site without acknowledgement!

  2. Hi, I have borrowed this for our blog as we had something similar last week. Will happily remove if necessary.

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