Is it warm or it is just me?

May 21, 2010

It’s rather warm outside today – so where are all the “zOMG!!!!1! Totally Global Warming”, stories?

Whenever it snows in the UK, you can generally rely on some moron to write a piece for the tabloid/right-wing press which basically states:

It has snowed. Thus I have proven that climate change is not happening.

Such an asinine comment demonstrates that the author clearly fails to appreciate the difference between “weather” and “climate.”


However – it is rather warm today. When I climbed into my car, the temperature was 31ºC (see pic) and it later climbed to 32ºC. There is a tree over my driveway which means that my car was mostly in the shade as well. Anyway, according to the BBC/Met office, the average maximum temperature for May in Birmingham (nearest big city), is only 16ºC. The highest temperature ever recorded in Brum in May is only 29ºC!! The not-in-my-car temperature in Birmingham today is apparently 25ºC – pretty close to the record May temperature.

So the question I have is… where are all the articles in the tabloids proclaiming that the warm weather is proof of global warming?