Science is Vital – a letter from my MP.

A letter from my MP, concerning potentially worrying cuts to the science budget

He actually uses the phrase “Science is Vital” – which can’t be bad.

On the whole – I think this looks quite promising – however, a few alarm bells ring at:

“the government will continue to fund the most excellent science and research”

– this depends upon what the government’s definition of “excellent” is – is it Vince Cable’s 54% for example? In which case – much of UK research is for the high jump. He does make the point that science is an “important driver of economic growth” – which is good – and that a supply of technically skilled staff from UK universities is required to support STEM based industries. However – if the big cuts are made to the UK science and higher education budgets, that supply of technically skilled graduates will dry up.

On the whole, quite encouraging – but I’ll still be watching closely on October 20th with one eye on the overseas jobs market.

4 Responses to Science is Vital – a letter from my MP.

  1. dellybean says:

    Hey, thanks for posting this up, great idea. I’ll be writing my letter soon so it’ll be interesting to compare the responses. You were right to point out the part about govt continuing to fund the most excellent science & research – it’s that dastardly blurry grey area again!!

    Imran Khan made a great point last nite at the Science Is Vital meeting; if enough people write to their MPs about their concerns over sci cuts and Cable is put under (amicable) pressure, it becomes an issue that has to be re-assessed (hopefully, in our favour). If we just sit back and let the decisions to be made, without a fuss, the govt has no call for a re-think & proposals will go ahead(or words to that effect).

    So, everyone wondering whether or not to write to your MP, do it – you could make the difference. Also, if you’re not sure on what/how to write your letter, there is some advice on the “Science Is Vital” facebook page AND a template will soon be available for everyone to use via the Science Is Vital-CaSE coalition (link not available yet – will post it on this comments page when it’s up and running)!!

    Don’t give up people, we can do this!!

  2. Sinead says:

    I agree it sounds encouraging, but it reads a bit like he is giving you the answer he knows you want then having any push either way.

    But that could just be me being sceptical of politicians doing any good.

  3. Neuroskeptic says:

    Like Sinead I’m inherently skeptical of politicians and to me, this letter reads like a typical brush-off (“Of course you’re absolutely right. And that’s why the Government is going to do exactly what we decided to do before you wrote the letter.”)

    & the “most excellent” bit is most extremely worrying in the wake of Excellentgate.

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