#QEDcon 2013 ISS passes

Information shamelessly lifted from meteorwatch.org and metcheck.com.

Friday Night (12th)

  • 21:43-21:48 – “Incredibly Bright” – cloud cover 23%

Saturday Night (13th)

  • 20:52-20:59 – “Incredibly Bright” – cloud cover 99% 😦
  • 22:29-22:32 – “Incredibly Bright / Short pass” – cloud cover 100% 😦

Sunday Night (14th) (for the stragglers)

  • 21:39-21:44 – “Incredibly Bright” – cloud cover 94% 😦

So… Friday night it is then, caveats about weather forecasting notwithstanding. If we can drag ourselves out of the bar for 5 minutes.

One Response to #QEDcon 2013 ISS passes

  1. cascade21 says:

    W00t! I’ve set an alarm so I don’t miss it! Cheers for the heads up!

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