What’s wrong with this photo?

The wonderful @medtek pointed us to this website where some homeopaths are talking about their campaign to exploit exploit the people of Haiti with their highly ritualised placebo.

They provide this nice picture,

taken from the homeopathy clinic, the inference being that it is showing many people queuing up outside the homeopathy clinic to get treatment.

Now, the image isn’t the greatest quality (I took it as was from the above website – fair use claimed, etc etc) – but, (please download it yourself and take a closer look…_

if all those people are queuing up for homeopathic treatment, why are they mostly facing the other way?

EDIT: I have just figured out what is going on here. This is, homeopathically speaking, a *very* powerful crowd. The dilution of the 5 or so people looking the right way with the hundreds (?) of people looking the other way clearly potentiates their effect.

EDIT EDIT: Also it has been pointed out that this photo is taken from outside the medical clinic – presumably the one outside which they set up shop. Everyone still looking the other way. Strange. Article infers that those people were waiting for homeo, and comment 1 certainly makes that assumption.

4 Responses to What’s wrong with this photo?

  1. Well will you look at that. I can see a whole one person of the crowd waiting to get in, actually looking in the direction of the clinic.

    I don’t know about anyone else but when ever I’m waiting for somewhere to open I always face the opposite direction too!

  2. MedTek says:

    “The group set up two tents beside the clinic.” The clinic, presumably, is for conventional medicine.

    I’m wondering if they were grabbing people waiting to be seen and pretending to be real medicos. I wonder how long that lasted.

  3. batarista says:

    How absolutely underwhelming! Isn’t it curious that they don’t have a better photo to show? If there were, in fact, any satisfied patients.

  4. […] remedies on scared and vulnerable people, much like the ‘homeopaths without borders’ incursion into Haiti, following the earthquake […]

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